Feira da Serra stays at home, but João Baião goes out into the street

A portal will be launched with exhibitors

Marlene Guerreiro and Vítor Guerreiro

It is the great showcase of the municipality of São Brás de Alportel and, even in these times of pandemic, it could not fail to happen. #feiradaserraemcasa takes place from the 23rd to the 26th of July, with an online portal for the dissemination of artisans and products and the live broadcast of the program “Domingão”, by SIC . These will be ways of «bringing Feira da Serra to the four corners of the world», giving encouragement to the local economy and to the «pride of São Brasenses».

This year, contrary to what is usual, the event will not be in person. The Poet Bernardo dos Passos Basic School, which usually hosts the Feira da Serra, will not become the «great exhibition» of the municipality of São Brás, a «bittersweet» decision, but one that had to be taken.

This year's version of the event, which was presented this Thursday, July 16, in the shadow of Azinheira do Alportel, had to be rethought.

“We are stubborn and passionate about our land and our people. We couldn't live these last days of July without doing what we love most: helping artisans and producers. We are aware of the difficulties that this sector is going through and we tried to see how to help», began by explaining Marlene Guerreiro, vice-president of the City Council of São Brás.



At the beginning, it was even thought of «making a different, smaller, Feira da Serra, but we saw that it was not possible to do it in person. So we decided to put everything inside on the Internet», he added.

So, on the 23rd, at 19 pm, a portal called “Feira da Serra Online” which will introduce the participants of Feira da Serra. Each exhibitor will have photographs of their products and contacts for anyone who wants to make their purchases.

It will be a «catalog genre with contacts», explained Marlene Guerreiro. “It's just a tool, but it could be a good way to help. Let's sell a little of everything. As a visitor to the Fair, I always have those products that I like to buy», he added.

All exhibitors from last year's edition were invited and «about 100 participants» will be expected.

In addition to this portal, Feira da Serra will have, on Friday, the 24th, a concert by the Orquestra Clássica do Sul, in person, but limited to 60 people, at the Cine-Teatro de São Brás. Tickets, which cost 7 euros, are already on sale at the Municipal Gallery.

Saturday, 25th, will be a day for a fashion show. “São Brás Fashion”, which usually takes to the stage of Feira da Serra, will parade through social networks and Meo Canal do Município.

The initiative, which has the partnership of ACRAL (Association of Commerce and Services of the Algarve Region), had the participation of young volunteer models, involving hairdressers, beauticians and local restaurants. The videos, which have already been recorded, will be broadcast on the 25th.

For Sunday (July 26) the television program “Domingão”, on SIC, will be broadcast live from São Brás, with João Baião, Luciana Abreu and Emanuel. A mobile stage will walk around the county with performances by artists.


Victor Warrior


Vítor Guerreiro, mayor of São Brás, points out that this will be a way of giving “visibility” to the municipality, also helping the local economy, since the program's team of 30 people will eat and sleep in São Brás.

Basically, all this programming for a “Different Sierra Fair” wants to “pass on a message of hope in how, together, we will overcome these difficult days”, according to the mayor.

«We are going to take Feira da Serra to the four corners of the world, through the online portal, and this is already having a positive effect, which is the fact that people are involved in this because Feira da Serra online will show its products. Let's say it's a light of hope for what the future will be,” he added.

Hopefully, a future with a face-to-face Feira da Serra… in 2021, when the guest ingredient will be arbutus.

«This year will be like that, we will make the products known and, next year, we will have even more people to buy at Feira da Serra», concluded Vítor Guerreiro.


Photos: Pedro Lemos | Sul Informação





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