Faro: Rehabilitation of the old road to Olhão is completed

Work cost 343 thousand euros

The requalification work of Rua Reitor Teixeira Guedes (former road to Olhão) is complete. The work was carried out between the intersection with Avenida Dr. Júlio Almeida Carrapato – now transformed into an oval roundabout – and the intersection with Rua General Humberto Delgado.

According to the Chamber of Faro, this project, which cost 343 thousand euros, "continues the intervention to improve the eastern section" and comes "bringing more safety and comfort in circulation for all vehicles and pedestrians".

During the work, the street carpet at Rua Reitor Teixeira Guedes was rehabilitated, sidewalks were reclassified and ramped crosswalks were introduced, «to make crossing the road safer for all».

Arrangements were also made to the green spaces and renovation work is being carried out on the luminaires, which will be replaced by LED technology lamps.

Under the program "Faro Requalifica 5”, works are in progress on the road between Santa Bárbara de Nexe and the MARF, at Rua da Igreja in Montenegro, on several streets at Quinta do Eucalipto, at Praceta Clementino Brito and at EM 527-1, which connects the airport to the Beach of Faro.