Foreign cars no longer need to stop at the border to walk on Via do Infante

Joining the Easytoll system can now be done online

Drivers of foreign license plates can now join online to the Easytoll system, which allows circulation on ex-SCUT highways, with toll collection through gateways, such as Via do Infante.

According to the Ministry of Economy and Energy Transition, «the solution developed by Infraestruturas de Portugal, SA, comes to simplify the service provided to visitors, by land, in the country, by allowing access to Easytoll to be made online, including through mobile devices. Counting on international dissemination through Turismo de Portugal, the new service also aims at greater efficiency in the collection of tolls».

The long lines created in the accession squares, namely in Castro Marim, are one of the problems that the Government wants to solve with this new feature.

"There has long been a search for a better solution to the problem of tolls for foreign-registered vehicles, since the current toll payment system suffers from constraints that affect not only the efficiency of toll collection, but also the image of the country with those who visit us. This is an important measure, which promotes a better experience in Portugal», said the Secretary of State for Tourism, Rita Marques.

For the Secretary of State for Infrastructure, Jorge Delgado, «putting new technologies and the new digital world at the service of people is a constant objective of Infraestruturas de Portugal, SA, in the search for better infrastructure and better quality of services. . We strongly believe in the success of this measure».

«The Easytoll system is an automatic payment solution valid for vehicles with foreign registrations on motorways with exclusively electronic toll collection systems, that is, without toll plaza at entrances and exits, which associates a bank card with the vehicle's registration number». frames the Ministry of Economy.

From now on, highlights the authority, "the driver no longer needs to travel to a public square prior to driving on the highway".

Subscription to the service that can be done here is valid for 30 days.