Sheikh hotel group workers with wage arrears go on strike

There are workers who have not yet received their March salary

The workers of the JJW Hotels & Resorts Group, held by Sheikh Mohamed Bin Issa Al Jaber, will advance to a strike on June 12, due to to the existence of wage arrears.

The decision was taken this morning, unanimously, in plenary, at the group's headquarters in Portugal, in the Pinheiros Altos development, in Quinta do Lago.

As explained by the Union of Hotelaria do Algarve, «with this form of struggle, the workers demand the payment of their wages in arrears and the fulfillment of their rights. At the moment, there are workers who say they have not yet received the full salary for the month of March and others have not received anything for the month of April, in addition to already being in arrears for the salary for the month of May».

According to the union, “when the company's management learned that the workers were organizing to participate in today's plenary, they were faced with a new promise, which was once again not fulfilled in full, and with phone calls of hierarchical superiors so that workers did not participate in the plenary».

The Union of Hotelaria do Algarve appeals to officials "to strengthen their unity and mobilization for the struggle" and to join the strike on June 12."

The union says that it will send a request for a meeting to the administration to try to avoid the strike.