Praia de Odeceixe will have a walkway to improve accessibility

Work is part of the Polis Litoral Sudoeste program

Praia de Odeceixe Beach will have a walkway with a length of about 200 meters, to "improve pedestrian circulation" in this bathing area. The work, which is part of the Polis Litoral Sudoeste program, will cost 267 euros and has a period of execution of 90 days.

As explained by the City Council of Aljezur, this walkway will "improve pedestrian circulation between the two viewpoints, at the beach access", allowing "pedestrians to circulate more safely and comfortably".

The municipality explains that the walkway, built in recycled material, «will allow more safety, more comfort and better accessibility conditions, with small notes of urban arrangements, autonomous lighting, consisting of small "led" frames connected to a set of solar cells and battery, environmentally friendly energies».

About 50 meters away, on the north side, «a small structure will be installed that will prevent trampling in the natural area, allowing a small spot/viewpoint over the beach».

This work completes the interventions of the Polis program in the municipality of Aljezur.