Maritime Police finds six boats fishing at the Armona APPA

Area is prohibited for navigation

Six boats that were fishing in the Pilot Area for Aquaculture Production (APPA) of Armona, where navigation is prohibited, were intercepted, in the early hours of yesterday, by the Maritime Police of Olhão, which raised notices to the non-compliant.

As explained by the Maritime Authority, in the place where the vessels were detected, there are "established establishments for cultures in marine waters" and "navigation is prohibited, except for vessels used by the owners of establishments located there and inspection and emergency vessels".

The authority explains that this area is "duly delimited and marked on nautical charts".

The Local Command of the Maritime Police of Olhão «will maintain the monitoring and supervision of this area, stressing that the presence of vessels in the APPA in Armona is a danger for navigation and for people on board, with the risk of possible damage to the structures of the establishments. and damage to the activities that take place there.