PCP requires replacement of ATM in Santa Bárbara de Nexe

Equipment was withdrawn at the end of last month

the council of Faro The PCP is against the decision of the Agricultural Credit to remove the Santa Bárbara de Nexe ATM and demands its replacement. The equipment was removed at the end of last month, something the communists consider "unacceptable".

In a statement, the PCP warns that "the population cannot be without this access to banking services" and recalls that, in December, the Agricultural Credit branch in Santa Bárbara de Nexe was closed, in a "logic of banking concentration that harms the populations who need and have the right to the banking service».

For the communists, «this attitude can only be explained by the fact that, for the banking sector, profit is always above the interests of the population. May".

The Crédito Agrícola, according to the PCP, "assumed last December that the ATM was at the parish's headquarters even after the closure of its branch" and will have "even looking for other solutions for its location".

However, "it was also demonstrated that since January, due to the constant lack of money replacement and repair of damages, the intention was not to maintain this commitment".

The PCP recalls that “the Crédito Agrícola branch was the only one in a parish with 4000 inhabitants, most of them aged with reduced access to digital media and reduced mobility in the territory. Now it will be even worse without even using the ATM».

The communists say that "the logic of concentration of banking services and the closure of branches and the reduction of the network of ATMs is, for banks, that of the absolute maximization of profit."

The PCP considers "it is necessary to stop and reverse the process of closing public services" and "demands that Santa Bárbara de Nexe has an ATM again, for the minimum needs of the population."

The council also promises to continue “the struggle for the reopening of a bank extension in Santa Bárbara de Nexe”.