Citizens' movement collects signatures against construction of hotels in João de Arens

Project is in public consultation until June 19

The Environmental Citizenship Movement "The Last Window to the Sea", which opposes the construction of three 5-star hotels in Ponta João de Arens, will collect signatures from "citizens who support the cause of João de Arens", next time Friday, June 12th, between 19pm and 00pm, at Largo 22º de Dezembro, in Portimão.

This signature collection initiative, at a time when the hotel construction project is again under public consultation, will take place, according to the movement, "with due precautions taking into account Covid-19".

The movement recalls that, in 2018, «the UP3 Subdivision Project was subject to an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) procedure, and this procedure ended with the publication, on May 3, 2019, of an Environmental Impact Statement (DIA) unfavorable'.
Opponents add that “the project was rejected because the Evaluation Commission coordinated by the CCDR considered the expert opinions, public participation and also heard the population, the 2000 signatures, as well as the technical opinions of an environmental, legal and urban nature that attested the non-conformity of the project».

In 2019, the Declaration of Unfavorable Environmental Impact stated that «given the natural environment and the uniqueness and fragility of the coastal front (…) the management of the landscape in this sector of the coastal territory implies the need to protect its structuring matrix and the your identity».

However, the project was redone and is again under public consultation until June 19th. With the changes made, such as the Sul Informação realized, «does not cross the minds» of the promoters a new lead to the project by the CCDR.

For its part, the citizens' movement considers that this “alternative project, again, has little or nothing and the inconsistencies are as many, or more than in the previous project”.

The public consultation is available here and has already 30 entries.