"Goby-what eats fish?" prize voucher for Good Environmental Practices in Tavira

Sculpture was installed on Ilha de Tavira by the municipal company Taviraverde

Tavira, Alcobaça and Cantanhede gave Portugal third place in the Good Practices competition, promoted by Blue Flag and Foundation for Environmental Education, on the theme of pollution.

The best national practice distinguished by the competition's jury was “Goby-o que eat fish?”, a metallic mesh structure for depositing plastics designed by the sculptor Carlos de Oliveira Correia.

The sculpture was installed in Ilha de Tavira by the municipal company Taviraverde, with the aim of raising awareness of environmental issues and raising awareness of the problem of pollution of the oceans and beaches, especially with regard to the unique use of plastics.

In this sense, users were encouraged to collect plastic from the sand to “feed” the Goby.

These “animals” arose within the scope of the “Plastic Hunting” initiative of the Exploratório-Centro Ciência Viva de Coimbra.