ISMAT architecture students show projects for the new Academy of Music in Portimão

Show will be open until 15 July

Students in the 3rd year of the Integrated Masters in Architecture at the Manuel Teixeira Gomes Institute (ISMAT), in Portimão, will show their projects for the future installations of the Academy of Music of Portimão in an exhibition that will be open from 18 pm on Monday , on the 00th, at Alameda de Portimão.

The exhibition, which can be seen until the 15th of July, brings together the work done by the students, who created preliminary projects for the rehabilitation of the former Escola Secundária D. Martinho de Castelo Branco and the creation of the new facilities for the Academy of Music in Portimão.

«The proposals arose after an invitation from Grupo Coral Adágio and had the guidance of Professor Dr. Luis Durão. In this exhibition, we can find works developed by students André Cabrita, Dércio Gonçalves, David Matos, Luca Hontãu, Monica Miguel and Pedro Martins. It is with an enormous sense of cooperation with the community that MIA.ISMAT associates itself with initiatives like these», according to the Universidade Lusófona group, in which ISMAT is inserted.

«For more than 30 years, this association has been a constant presence in the musical culture of the city of Portimão. In November 2018, Grupo Cora Adágio reaffirmed this presence in a very relevant way by opening the Academy of Music in Portimão. There are already about 230 students and more than 30 teachers and the prospects are very promising», illustrated António Alferes Pereira, director of the Association of Grupo Coral Adágio.

«So that we can continue to serve our city – and our region – the Academy of Music of Portimão needs definitive facilities that facilitate the opening of new areas of music. Creating synergies with institutions in our city, we are working with ISMAT architecture students in order to create pre-projects that serve the interests of students and return to the city equipment that dignifies an already long educational and social history», concluded the same responsible.