New Real Atunara boat was made in the Algarve and is already sailing

Sul Informação followed the boot-down


It is 100% Algarvian, despite having a Spanish name and having been built overlooking the neighboring country, in the Nautiber shipyards, at the mouth of the Guadiana. The takedown of the Don Paco boat, which will support the two tuna boats held by the company Real Atunara off the Algarve, took place yesterday, the 22nd, in Vila Real de Santo António.

The baptism of this company's new boat took place in a ceremony attended by Ricardo Serrão Santos, Minister of the Sea, and José Apolinário, Secretary of State for Fisheries, who traveled to the Algarve not only to watch the Don's takedown. Paco, but also to visit one of the company's frames.

At the end, between laughs and a good mood, Miguel Socorro, one of the administrators of Real Atunara, explained to Sul Informação the importance of this investment your company has made.

«We feel the need, within our company, to have another boat built to support our frame structure. We truly believe in the Algarve's ability to catch bluefin tuna,” he said.

Because, recalled the businessman, the quota of this species, whose capture was very limited in the past, "has been increasing, albeit not much, in the scope of the bluefin tuna recovery program, worldwide."

"We believe that the quota will continue to grow, which is why we have built this vessel more, with good seaworthy conditions for men to work, but also conservation of the tuna caught, so that the product we present to the market always has the best quality" , said Miguel Socorro.


Watch here the video of the moment when Don Paco is launched into the water:


Real Atunara's investment in this vessel was around 800 thousand euros. Don Paco has, moreover, "a twin brother", the boat Rabilho, already owned by the company.

"In this we improved the quality of electronics, for measuring water temperature, for measuring bottoms, etc."

The company has applied for the Operational Program Mar2020, hoping to obtain "a 60% contribution", but has not yet received an answer. This did not prevent Real Atunara from making the investment.
«We continue with the desire to grow, in the search for better solutions for our fishing and for our sea», concluded Miguel Socorro.

This vessel will reinforce the fleet at the service of the two tuna traps that the company has in the Algarve, one facing Ilha Deserta and the other facing the so-called Ilha da Fuzeta, called “Barril”.



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