Lagoa celebrates Biodiversity Week with online workshops and bioclips about nature

Today, marks the International Day of Biodiversity, the motto for the week of initiatives

Online workshops and bioclips about nature and environment. These are the initiatives with which the Municipality of Lagoa will mark the Biodiversity Week, starting this Friday, 22 May. 

During this period in which social modesty continues to be recommended, the Municipality of Lagoa begins by marking the International Day of Biodiversity, today, the 22nd, with online activities on the Lagoa Municipality Facebook

On the first day, Friday, 22, Luís Encarnação, mayor of Lagoa, will talk about sustainable cities, immediately attentive to biodiversity, something «that Lagoa has chosen as a priority for 2020».

Throughout the week, José Vieira, landscape architect, will be one of the guest speakers.

With the Biodiversity Week, Lagoa intends to draw attention to «the need and importance of the conservation of biological diversity».

“Half of the planet's economy and almost all of the population's needs depend on biological resources. The loss of species impoverishes ecosystems. It makes them less productive in every way and negatively affects such important factors as the climate, the quality of the air, water, soils, the quality and quantity of fish in the oceans, the appearance of pests and epidemics”, says the municipality .

International Biodiversity Day was proclaimed by the United Nations when the 1st Convention on Biological Diversity was approved in 1992.