Iris release video to remind that “There is always tomorrow” after the pandemic

New version of the Iris music features the participation of the Spaniard Joaquín Cortés Charcos


No matter how difficult the times we are living, «There is always a tomorrow». This is the message that the Algarve band Iris wants to convey with the video that it launched this Thursday on social networks and which brings together, in chorus, the voices of friends and fans of the group. The song is not new, but it adapts perfectly to these days.

It all started when the singer of Iris, Domingos Caetano, received a video “that showed an entire neighborhood, on the balcony, singing this song. Every day those people sang together and ended with this song», he told the Sul Informação.

Afterwards, Domingos Caetano continued to receive challenges and messages urging him to re-record this song, as a “hymn of hope” in a time of pandemic.



«I'm not one of those things, but I ended up talking to my colleagues, we invited a Spanish friend, Joaquín Cortés Charcos, and we really decided to make this video», continues the singer of the Algarve band.

On the group's social networks, an appeal was launched for anyone who wanted to participate in the video to send their recording singing the song. Among the participants is, for example, the team from the Oncology Day Hospital of the Hospital de Faro, who, according to Domingos Caetano, “also usually sings this song together”.

Although the lyrics are “eternal”, Domingos Caetano emphasizes that they adapt to the times we live in, because “it was written thinking that tomorrow will always be better, always more positive”.


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