Banned music festivals until 30th September, but F may be "marked otherwise"

Alameda Beer Fest and Baixa Street Fest in Faro, will not be held this year

Stock Photo: Martyna Mazurek|Sul Informação

Music festivals are banned until 30 September due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Council of Ministers announced this afternoon in a statement. Festival F, in Faro, which was scheduled for the first weekend of September, and whose cancellation had not yet been announced by the City Council, will be affected by this ban, but could "be signaled otherwise".

In statements to the Sul Informação, Paulo Santos, vice president of the Chamber of Faro revealed that «the postponement of the F is certain. We were waiting for a decision from the Government that came out today and which, of course, we will accept». Even so, «we are working and thinking about a way to mark this moment, which has already become a reference, in another way».

Also because, according to Paulo Santos, «F was also born with the thought of promoting and helping Portuguese musicians who, at this particular time, need support and solidarity».

In addition to F, the vice president of the Chamber of Faro he also added that there are other events promoted by the Chamber that will be cancelled, or that will take place in different ways. «We won't be able to do the Alameda Beer Fest, which is a beer festival, obviously, or the Baixa Street Fest. In this case, which is an event promoted in partnership with the Baixa de Faro, we are preparing here other ways to support traders'.

Then there is Açoteia which, like F, can be marked in “another way because it is an event that starts from an idea of ​​experience, and awareness”.

The Council of Ministers' communiqué reads that «in this context, it is necessary to ban music festivals, until 30 September 2020, and to adopt an exceptional regime aimed at music festivals that are not can take place at the scheduled place, day or time, due to the pandemic”.

The same statement states that for shows between February 28th and September 30th, which do not take place due to the pandemic, it is foreseen «the issue of a voucher equal to the price of the ticket paid, guaranteeing the rights of consumers ».

Among the music festivals in the Algarve that had already announced their cancellation, in 2020, is the MED Festival in Loulé.


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