PCP Deputy participates in Public Tribune on Public Transport in Faro

For the defense of the rights of workers and populations, including the right to public transport

The Public Tribune on Public Transport, which will take place next to the EVA-Transportes terminal, in Faro, on the 1st of June, at 18 pm, will feature João Dias, PCP deputy.

The situation created by the measures to prevent and combat the Covid-19 pandemic led "to the closure of schools, public services and a generalized halt in economic activity in the region and in the country in general", states the PCP.

In the road transport sector, held exclusively in the region by the EVA-Transportes group, the decision was to apply the regime of layoffs in the company and greatly reduce the offer of road careers.

With the economic recovery measures, with the opening of public services and with the resumption of classroom classes for the 11th and 12th grades, the demand for public transport has also increased. “Only that careers are not being replaced as before, creating problems for the mobility of workers, students and populations, who want to use public transport for their journeys”, emphasize the communists in a press release.

The situation, underlined, "will not be resolved with the opening of a few routes for the beginning of June", so it is required that "the resumption of supply should be accelerated so as not to harm those who need to travel".

In fact, the problems of mobility, whether in the Algarve or in the municipality of Faro, are considered by the PCP's Farense Council as “structural”, claiming “there has been a long strategic commitment to investment and expansion of the public transport offer”.

«For a company that holds the monopoly of road transport in the Algarve and that has accumulated fabulous profits over the years, it is unacceptable that the workers, with the cuts in wages, with the increase in unemployment, are the ones to withstand the crisis. As well as it is not acceptable for the municipalities to have to respond to school transport at this stage», defend the communists.

Therefore, the PCP considers that «the government cannot stay to watch all this situation that is happening in the region and also for
the entire country, as is being denounced by the unions representing workers in the sector, and not intervene».

"It is necessary to increase the offer of public transport and safeguard the rights and wages of those who work", they conclude.