Citizens again say no to the Cidade Lacustre de Vilamoura project

Vilamoura City Lake Project is under public consultation until the 21st

O Citizens' Movement in Defense of Ribeira de Quarteira – Against the City of Lacustre rose up «against the "new project" that Vilamoura Lusotur «insists on maintaining», considering it «incomprehensible and deeply criticized that it intends to decide in 10 working days on the reformulation of a project that was designed in 2009, that is, more than 10 years ago, and that, even then, , had to benefit from an exception status (Potential National Interest Project - PIN) in order to circumvent the laws then in force».

At a time when it is happening a second public consultation of this controversial and much contested project, period of civic participation that ends May 21, next Thursday, the movement went public to appeal "to everyone to participate and show their indignation/opposition to this megalomaniac project", which have long repudiated.

Anyone who wants to know about the amended proposal and, eventually, make their contribution, can do so online, on the website, until the 21st.

The group of citizens promised, on the other hand, to analyze the project again and take, «soon, a well-founded technical position and in accordance with the Inter-municipal Plan for Adaptation to Climate Change in the Algarve (PIAAC-AMAL) and the Development Goals Sustainable Development (SDG) of the United Nations 2030 Agenda».



«At a particularly complicated moment in national life, instead of citizens and institutions being diverted to the (Re)approval of a project out of step with the challenges of the XNUMXst century, what should be happening was a deep reflection on the mistakes of the past , namely on the relationship between the loss of biodiversity and the scourge of pandemics, and how one can try to rebuild a safer, more sustainable society, in tune with the environment», considers the citizens' movement.

“But right away, we know that the 2009 framework has little in common with the current socio-economic and environmental situation. What, in 2009, could be presented as a promising tourism project is, in light of what is happening in the world and in Portugal today, a more than likely fiasco with high economic, environmental and social costs. Furthermore. we consider it truly dramatic the fact that public bodies with territorial powers justify the approval of environmental crimes with the “legal obligation” arising from the existence of obsolete urban plans», they add.

The Citizens' Movement in Defense of Ribeira de Quarteira emphasizes, on the other hand, that «the voice of citizens in denouncing these crimes can only have real consequences that prevent their implementation if they “find” administrative and legal irregularities in the projects in question, or through technical opinions from specialists/researchers which are not always easy to obtain».

Therefore, they ask: “What territorial policies do we have? Who cares for the common good? Is this a project that civil society considers to be of national interest? Do the Algarvians identify with this type of construction?».



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