Municipal services in Silves closed until 3 May

This extension also includes the "suspension of all deadlines for the practice of procedural or procedural acts"

The Chamber of Silves decided to extend, until the 3rd of May, the closure of services and the suspension of procedural and procedural deadlines. The minimum and essential services remain in operation.

Activities linked to municipal civil protection, social action and transport to support the community, water supply, wastewater collection and treatment and management and collection of urban waste are part of this batch of minimum services.

In services and activities considered essential and in which it is not possible to use telework, «that its execution is guaranteed through the implementation of a regime of rotation and/or lag in working hours», emphasizes the municipality.

In other activities and whenever it is compatible with the functions performed by the worker, «teleworking must be adopted, by identifying the workers in each organic unit, through their managers and in articulation with the Informatics Sector of the Legal and Administrative Division and the Human Resources Division».

On the other hand, workers who do not perform functions in services identified as critical and where it is not possible to use telework, should be "temporarily dismissed", avoiding "social contact, without prejudice to the possibility of being called to work at any time. essential functions which, for whatever reason, are not being guaranteed, even though they do not fit into their functional content'.

The autarchy reaffirms the “safeguarding of the workers' right to their full remuneration under the measures established by the order of 19 March 2020 and extended by the municipal orders of 2 and 17 April”.

This extension also includes the "suspension of all deadlines for the practice of procedural or procedural acts within the scope of administrative procedures in which face-to-face assistance may occur or take place".

These measures will be in force until 23:59 on May 3, without prejudice to possible extensions depending on the assessment that, at any given time, is made of the adequacy of the measures now adopted.

The order can be consulted here

The Municipality of Silves «regrets the inconvenience caused and informs that it has been taking all possible measures to mitigate the contagion of this pandemic in the municipality, recalling that prevention is essential in combating this outbreak, so that everyone's collaboration is crucial. importance".