Regulation on the use of fire and cleaning of land in Loulé in public consultation

Public consultation runs until 15th May

Fire - File Image

The Municipal Regulation for the Use of Fire and Land Cleaning of Loulé, an initiative that fits into the Municipal Fire Defense Plan of this municipality, is under public consultation.

Those interested in making suggestions and contributions within the scope of the public consultation may do so until the 15th of May, through the email or by sending a letter to Praça da República, 8104-001 Loulé, within this deadline. The regulation is available for consultation on the Loulé Chamber website.

According to the autarchy, this document "establishes clear norms and rules relating to activities whose exercise involves the use of fire, namely, bonfires, burning of leftover agroforestry, fires, technical fire and the use of fireworks or other artifacts fireworks, as well as what concerns the cleaning of land in the municipality of Loulé».



The new regulation addresses the cleaning of land located in urban and buildable spaces, a matter that "is of high importance, taking into account existing complaints and, which cannot be properly followed up, due to a lack of legal framework".

"With the preparation of this regulation, the municipality intends to contribute not only to a correct clarification of the citizens on the matter, but also to the creation of safety conditions that allow a reduction in the risk of fire and the protection of people and property", concluded the Loulé Chamber.