PSD/Portimão collects ideas from militants to fight Covid-19

This is an initiative made by «Portimão and by the people of Portimão – and not by the PSD or by opposition disputes»

The PSD/Portimão is collecting, via videoconference, ideas from its militants to help fight Covid-19.

The first session took place last Thursday, April 9th, with the PSD/Portimão debating and annotating a set of proposals dedicated to local commerce and small and medium-sized companies.

The session was co-moderated by João Rosando, ex-president of the Algarve Traders Association, «who, as an expert in this sector, listed a set of opportunities and possible solutions».

Carlos Gouveia Martins, president of the PSD/Portimão, guarantees that this is an initiative made by «Portimão and the people of Portimão – and not by the PSD or by disputes in opposition to the socialist executive that leads the Municipality, which, in its own way, has carried out a worthy job of responding to the pandemic and providing the necessary clarifications to the population of Portimo».

The leader of the PSD Portimonense says that “we are going to carry out two more sessions this week: the first aimed at hotels and tourism. I hope that, at the end of the State of Emergency period, I will be able to hand over a serious document and discuss our help to the Mayor».

The PSD in Portimão will thus hold about half a dozen more sessions, always co-moderated by militants from Portimão and whose sessions will have full access to any PSD militant from Portimão.

“There is no other way than that followed by the almost globality of people from Portimão to face the SARS-CoV-2 virus that causes the Covid-19 disease and caused the global pandemic crisis that we are experiencing”, say the social democrats from Portimo.

«With greater or lesser success on the exact day of the desired resumption, in full capacity, of the labor activity of the people of Portimão, the Algarve and the Portuguese, the PSD of Portimão also knows that there will be difficult economic and financial times for many of our fellow countrymen» , concludes the note.