Frontal Shock Awards distinguish Piçarra, Stereossauro and Teresa Aleixo

The Choque Frontal ao Vivo Awards did not take place on the 14th of March at the Teatro Municipal […]

The Choque Frontal ao Vivo Awards did not take place on the 14th of March, at the Municipal Theater of Portimão, as planned, but that was not why this radio program did not distinguish the best of music in different categories. , such as Diogo Piçarra, Stereossauro, Teresa Aleixo and Héber Marques. 

The event was canceled due to the Covid-9 pandemic, but the award "will reach the big winners of the categories in a variety of ways", explains the organization.

Some of the winners are, then, Stereossauro (Best Album/EP – Nacional 2019, with his “Bairro da Ponte”), Héber Marques in the category Best National Music (“Amor Perfeito”) and Diogo Piçarra who, due to his new album “South side boy” won the award for best album made by an algarvian.

Also in the regional categories, Teresa Aleixo was distinguished as new artist and Perigo Público & Sickonce with the best song (Benção).

«This small piece of acrylic is nothing special, but it has more value this year when many of those who helped to make the radio show recorded live, in this three-year journey, see their shows postponed or canceled and, without other forms of income or subsistence, find it difficult to pay their bills or even to feed themselves».

For this award «was idealized, with the main objective of encouraging musical activity in the Algarve and Portugal, not forgetting other types of art». More than 50 public and private entities (media, theater and auditorium directors, cultural agents, among many others) in the Algarve were invited to vote.

In 2020, a new category “Best National Music” was introduced, but the process was the same. The judges voted for the 10 proposed nominees for each category and posted on social media. With your vote, we reach the 3 most voted in each category and the winner.

The “Merit and Excellence” Award is the only category in which the 3 finalists are not disclosed. This award is awarded for his career, for the importance of his activity, influence and for having contributed to the recognition of the Algarve region at national and international level in the most varied areas.

Frontal Shock is an Alvor FM program. Ricardo Coelho and Júlio Ferreira are responsible for directing, producing and presenting.


All winners:

Best Album/EP - National 2019

Stereosaurus – Bairro da Ponte
Captain Fausto – The invention of the clear day
Slow J - You are forgiven

Best Music – National 2019

Héber Marques – Perfect love
Noble - Honey
Slow J & Sara Tavares – Also dreaming

Revelation - National 2019

Syro – And now
Barbara Tinoco – I don't know
Noble - Honey

Best Album/EP – Algarve 2019

Teresa Aleixo – How much of me
Diogo Piçarra – South side boy
Public Hazard & Sickonce – Porcelain

Best Music – Algarve 2019

Teresa Aleixo – I could
Diogo Piçarra – Heart
Public Peril & Sickonce – Blessing

Revelation – Algarve 2019

Teresa Aleixo – How much of me
Plasticine - Plasticine
Gaijas – That's how it is

Arts, Sciences, Culture and Sport 2019

João Bento “Algarvio” – Sports
European City of Sport 2019 Portimão – Sport
MED Festival – Culture

2019 Merit and Excellence Award

MED Festival