Pinheiro e Rosa needs more volunteers and material to increase the production of visors

Material such as rubber bands or acetate sheets can be delivered to the school.

The Pinheiro and Rosa Grouping of Schools (AEPROSA) of Faro it needs more volunteers, 3D printers and material to increase the production of personal protective visors.

The AEPROSA initiative is being developed in collaboration with the ARS Regional Health Administration, Civil Protection, Municipal Council of Faro and the movement with true maker spirit of the Algarve.

«After an initial start-up phase of this project, in which we integrated volunteers, we received donations in cash and material and 3D printers from those who cannot now print, we once again launched an appeal to the community to increase the production and distribution of these visors» , explains the grouping of schools, in a note sent to the newsrooms.

The group is receiving 3D printers from those who cannot, at the moment, print and lend them to volunteers available to produce the visors.

Volunteers must send an email to, identifying themselves and providing a telephone contact for technical details of production.

The group also appeals to suppliers or donors who make available, "free or at a fair price", filament for 3D printer (PLA) 1,75, which will be delivered to whoever is producing the rods, pvc for binding 230micros, or acetates ( sheet A4), and elastic with holes (2cm) in a roll.

“The makers (3D printers) only have to worry about the production of the rods, the remaining material is later added in our supply center”, adds AEPROSA.

The donated material and stems must be delivered to Escola Secundária Pinheiro e Rosa, after contacting us by email (, the day before, indicating the probable time of delivery, which must be between 10:00 and 12:00.

Once received, the material is sanitized and packed in boxes that go to the ARS, to be sanitized again and distributed throughout the Algarve.


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