Monchique municipality provides information in six languages ​​about Covid-19

The county has residents of many nationalities

English, Spanish, French, German, Russian and Romanian: these are the languages ​​into which a set of care information about Covid-19 has been translated, which the City of Monchique will, from today, make available in its site.

The municipality claims to be "aware of the importance of adapting responses to the needs of the population" and stresses having taken "into account the heterogeneity of nationalities of the population that usually resides in the county, coming from various countries", some of which "do not yet dominate the Portuguese language".

The work, which provides all information related to the exceptional contingency measures adopted in this scenario, as well as the precautions to be taken in the most varied of everyday situations, is now available in six languages, having been carried out with the collaboration of several residents enrolled in the Local Volunteer Scholarship.

You can access this information through the municipal website of the Municipality of Monchique, available by clicking here, or through the link:



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