Monchique launches campaign “Why quarantine yourself if you can adopt a friend?”

"Animals are a very positive companion for children and elders alike, undoubtedly helping to overcome isolation"

The Municipality of Monchique has just launched the campaign “Why quarantine yourself, if you can adopt a friend?”, with the aim of promoting animal adoption in this difficult period in which the Portuguese had to be confined to their homes.

"The advantages and benefits of having a pet are known and proven and that's why this is an excellent occasion to make the decision to extend the family and adopt a pet", stresses the mayor in statements to Sul Informação.

Interested parties should contact the Municipal Veterinary Office and get to know the animals that are kept by the Municipality and also by some animal protection associations that usually collaborate with this city.

Rui André, the mayor of Monchique who has adopted several animals in recent years, even says that his «extended family has made an invaluable contribution in this difficult phase, as animals are a very positive company for children and elders alike, undoubtedly contributing to overcoming the isolation that, for reasons of safety and public health, we are all obliged to do. to accomplish".

As a result of the creation of the so-called People Reception Areas (ZAP), installed in the three parishes of the municipality, and following the concern of the municipality of Monchique with animal welfare, the mayor also revealed that «the reception capacity has been expanded. in its Municipal Animal Collection Centre”, in case some people who have to be installed in the referred ZAP created in the three parishes “bring their animals with them”.

The Municipality of Monchique has also been facilitating transport and mediating the delivery of food for the animals, as part of the elderly support program on the occasion of its Covid-19 Contingency Plan.

In addition to these measures, the Municipality of Monchique, taking into account the exceptional contingency measures adopted in the context of mitigation of the new coronavirus and integrated in its Municipal Contingency Plan, has been acting in several areas with regard to combating dissemination and control of this epidemic.

Already in the fires of August 2018, the Monchiquense Chamber had put into practice an innovative project, called «Animal Seguro», which turned out to be distinguished in national awards which recognize excellence and merit in veterinary medicine in Portugal.



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