Navy innovates in combating Covid-19 and adapts snorkel masks

How to use, handle and sanitize these masks is being evaluated

The Naval Command's Operational Experimentation Cell for Unmanned Vehicles (CEOV) carried out a rapid prototyping project for the conversion of 40 snorkel masks to adapt a protective filtering element.

Now, the mode of use, handling and cleaning of these masks is being evaluated at the Covid-19 Triage Center of the Centro de Medicina Naval, at the Alfeite Naval Base, as part of the Covid Military Screening Plan (SALUS).

The Navy explains that «the conversion of these masks is a solution that has also been tested in countries such as France, Italy and Spain, and was carried out through the production of an adapter designed and built by 3D printing, for assembly of protective medical filters».

All the masks produced were delivered to the Centro de Medicina Naval, adapted to receive standard medical filters.

For this project, Subea Easybreath masks were used, donated by Decathlon Portugal to the Navy.