More infected with Covid-19 among agricultural workers “fire” cases in Tavira [with interactive map]

Sul Informação provides a map of the distribution of cases in the Algarve


New Covid-19 positive cases among a group of farm workers have led to the number of confirmed cases of the disease in Tavira more than doubling from yesterday to today.

This Monday, the Covid-19 epidemic situation bulletin from the General Directorate of Health reports that there are already 24 infected people in Tavira, when on Sunday there were 11. Sul Informação official source, these new cases "are linked to workers who were in a warehouse", colleagues of another six who had already been diagnosed with the disease - one that is in the hospital and another five, confirmed yesterday.

In all, 26 workers lived in this warehouse in the parish of Santo Estêvão, one of whom felt ill last Wednesday and was diagnosed with Covid-19. However, more workers took the test and the number of infected in Tavira soared.

Today, at the end of the afternoon, the Chamber confirmed, in a clarification, that "despite the significant increase in the number of infected in the municipality of Tavira, this belongs exclusively to the same group" of agricultural workers from Cruz do Areal.

«After testing all the elements, twelve more positive cases were confirmed, two of which were, yesterday, transported by INEM to the hospital in Faro where they were hospitalized, the remaining elements were, today, transferred to the isolation area in the Fairs and Exhibitions Park, where, due to their condition, they are in social isolation, having taken all the necessary measures for their comfort and confinement,” added the municipality.

“Its monitoring is being carried out in common efforts by the various local entities that make up the Municipal Civil Protection. Contact by the security forces and the health authority is made regularly and whenever necessary. The evolution of the condition of the various elements is evaluated by a team of professionals from the Health Centre, and the different medical procedures are activated according to the results obtained», concluded the Chamber of Tavira.

Also in Albufeira there was a significant increase of four more cases since yesterday. In this county, where two of the deaths occurred in the Algarve were also registered, the number of cases counted in the demographic characterization of confirmed cases (by county) of the DGS is now 44.

Em Faro, another of the municipalities most affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, there are now 39 confirmed cases, according to the General Directorate of Health. in Portimão and in Silves, where the totals of infected are now, respectively, 9 and 24.

These new cases these are some of the 28 more Covid-19 cases that the Algarve has today, according to today's daily pandemic situation bulletin.

However, in Loulé, the number of confirmed cases recorded by the DGS, 39, still does not reflect the reality experienced in this municipality, where, as the map indicates, there are (at least) 48 infected people.

As revealed to our newspaper Vitor Aleixo, mayor of Loulé, the 21 cases detected in a home in Boliqueime are gradually being included in this survey. Part was “reflected yesterday in the DGS bulletin” and “today, in principle, it would be the rest”.

The Loulé mayor says that he is not aware of any more cases linked to Boliqueime that have arisen in the meantime.

In Vila Real de Santo António, like the Sul Informação reported this morning, the first fatalities were registered yesterday, two elderly people over 80 years old.

There may be a discrepancy between the total number of cases and those that are, on the map, distributed by municipality, since the information disclosed by the DGS, presented by municipality, refers to the total number of clinical notifications in the SINAVE system, corresponding to 79% of confirmed cases'.



See the enlarged map here



Note 1: the map is updated whenever necessary with data provided by the DGS, City Councils, Regional Health Delegate, Regional Health Administration and/or other sources contacted by Sul Informação.


Note 2: Updated at 19 pm on April 00th with data on new cases in Tavira, following clarification from the City Council



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