Lagos reinforces social support to combat the effects of Covid-19

There are measures to think about the families, but also the groups at risk, not forgetting the homeless

The Municipality of Lagos is deepening the social support provided to the population, to face the problems caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, with families, but also groups at risk.

Among the responses that the municipality is taking care of «so that the most vulnerable population feel accompanied and supported in this especially difficult period» is the delivery of lunch and snack kits to children in social action levels A and B at home. , but also to the elderly and people in risk groups due to their health condition, as well as special measures for the homeless.

In the case of lunches, meals «are prepared and distributed within the scope of an articulated action between the City Council, the parish councils and the Júlio Dantas Secondary School» to families that «express this need with the respective School Group».

“The same is true for adults who fit into risk groups (the elderly, people with pre-existing chronic diseases and/or with a depressed immune system) and in a more unfavorable socioeconomic situation. The homeless population is another of the groups to whom lunch is provided daily, as well as weekly access to a changing room and change of clothes», revealed the City Council of Lagos.

Since March 20, a total of “2619 meals, with a current daily average of 255 meals” have been served in this area.

The Lacobrigense municipality also thought about families, namely those facing the greatest difficulties. For households who already benefited from social support or who started to need it, “the City Council provides assistance that ranges from the allocation of food, medication and personal hygiene and cleaning products. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 421 food baskets have been delivered (to 408 families), numerous residents have been supported with medication and several families have received hygiene and cleaning products».

Another measure available is linked to private renting, «a recent aspect of social support in the municipality of Lagos, which, now, more than ever, can make a difference for those who struggle to guarantee the basic needs of their families. At this moment, there are several households benefiting from this financial aid (co-payment of the rent), but soon they may be even more, since the Chamber, under the “Lagos Apoia” program, has expanded the eligibility criteria so that more families can count on this help».

The Câmara de Lagos also pointed out that the renewal of support "is being done automatically, preventing users from having to go to the local authority to formalize their requests and, thus, be able to respect the duty of confinement".

«For these users and for new applicants for support, the Social Action Service of the City Council ensures a non-presential service (telephone and email) to everyone who needs it, so that no one is left unanswered. It is also appealed to the entire population to help spread this information and/or signal to the services situations of greater vulnerability that may require immediate action», concluded the City of Lagos.

More information about social support measures is available. on the municipality's website.