Lagoa launches digital platform “Casa da Cidadania”

These projects were presented at the International Meetings on Politics and Image

The Câmara de Lagoa has just launched the “Casa da Cidadania” digital platform, inserted in the physical project with the same name that will be installed in the old Paços do Concelho building.

In addition to publicizing the museography, citizenship and political culture project being implemented in Lagoa, this platform intends to «share the History of Social Movements in the South of Portugal», says the municipality.

“This digital platform is a work in progress, which, in conjunction with the Facebook page, will be constantly enriched with information”, he adds.

«Thus, we recover a history of struggle for freedom, equality and dignity, in which Lagoa has its own place».

Participating in this project are historians and anthropologists who, in conjunction with the municipality's technicians, have been gathering information on the Cultural History of Politics since the foundation of the municipality of Lagoa, in 1773, to the present day, crossing local with regional and national.

Moreover, in addition to the digital platform, the physical project of the Casa da Cidadania will be installed in the former Paços do Concelho building, a work from 1860 that took advantage of part of the structure of the extinct hermitage of N.ª Sr.ª de ao Pé da Cruz, built in the last quarter of the 1755th century and that after the earthquake of XNUMX it came to serve as the matrix of Lagoa.

These projects were presented at the International Meetings on Politics and Image, last January, which had the presence and support of Graça Fonseca, Minister of Culture.