Gas leak forces residents to spend the night on the street in Portimão

There wasn't any wounded to mourn

Photo: Fábio Martins

Several buildings in the Encosta da Marina area, in Portimão, were evacuated this morning due to a natural gas leak. Although there was no “need to assist anyone or anyone who was injured”, the residents of Oceano Atlântico Street did not have to be scared and had to spend most of the night in the street.

Contacted by Sul Informação, the District Relief Operations Command of Faro revealed that the warning for the gas leak on Oceano Atlântico street was given shortly after midnight and that "the buildings in that area were evacuated".

People were only able to return to their homes “around 5:30 am”, after long hours of waiting and going through moments of worry.

According to reports on social networks, firefighters and Civil Protection asked for the keys to all the apartments to enter and air them before people could return. In addition to gas, electricity was also cut.

This morning, the area remains conditioned and the gas picket is working to resolve the situation, although people have already returned to their homes and there have been no injuries.

The Firefighters of Portimão, the PSP and the pickets of the gas and electricity companies were present at the site.


Photos: Fábio Martins and Tânia Santos