Faro allocates 916 euros to support associations in the time of Covid-19

City wants to help stimulate associative movement during the Covid-19 crisis

The Municipality of Faro will reinforce the support to the Municipal Program of Support to Associativism with around 916 euros, announced today the municipality in a note sent to the newsrooms.

The Chamber of Faro he says he understands that “at this point, the crisis caused by the pandemic has already left severe marks on the associative movement in Faro, composed of living forces determining social, cultural, sports and youth development and which are now paralyzed, as clubs and associations are facing a almost complete stoppage of its activities and a brutal fall of the respective sources of income'.

In this sense, the Municipality intends, with this additional support, «to help stimulate the associative movement, contributing so that these institutions can continue to develop the various activities, in the most varied areas, and to fundamentally dynamize the city and the municipality, contributing to the social, cultural and sporting development of the different generations of Faro residents».

“At this crucial moment, everyone must assume their responsibilities, because only with hard work and unity will we be able to overcome the difficulties of this unprecedented crisis. It is necessary to join forces to defend the economy and the lives of our families and this work belongs to everyone”, considers Rogério Bacalhau, president of the City Council of Faro.

"At this moment, the Chamber also assumes its responsibilities, investing in this crisis more than 6,5 million euros, which corresponds to almost 13 percent of our budget», concludes the mayor.

This initiative is included in a new set of measures by the municipality to face the effects of the pandemic crisis, after a first lot of 31 measures presented under the program #FaroI can, and that it intends to “meet the exceptional needs of citizens, companies and associations”.