Faro: CGTP marks the 1st of May with the “Covid size” initiative at the Forum roundabout

Celebrations will be "adapted" to the pandemic situation we are experiencing

Unions related to the CGTP will commemorate the 1st of May, Labor Day, with an initiative at the Forum Algarve roundabout, at 15:30 pm, which will be "adapted to current circumstances and those arising from Covid-19".

This action, which will be the main point of the commemorations, is «first hand aimed at union leaders, delegates and activists, without prejudice to the participation of workers in general», according to the Union of Unions of the Algarve (USAL).

And, since this initiative "will assume, from the point of view of its organization, the appropriate contours for health concerns", the USAL advises against "the participation of children and those over 70 years of age".

With this exit to the streets, the unions intend to give "body to the denunciation of the serious violations of the rights and income of workers in the Algarve, and the brutal growth of unemployment in the region."