Portugal Tourism Schools provide technical consultancy to tourism companies

16 companies in the Algarve region have already used this online technical consultancy

Support in the reconversion of the business, promotion of new activities, management of reservations, operational management and marketing plans are some of the areas in which the Specialized Technical Consultancy of Turismo de Portugal has received more requests since it was created last month.

Composed of a team of 80 trainers/consultants from the 12 establishments that make up the Portuguese Tourism and Hotel and Tourism Schools network, this online support service has helped companies to identify measures that contribute to minimizing the impact of Contingency Plans for Covid-19, while also supporting its implementation.

With the Algarve region currently experiencing a huge impact on tourism, 16 companies in the region have already resorted to this online technical consultancy.



At this time, the support provided covers the (Re)Construction of Letters and Menus, Online Training, Team Management and Coordination, Operational Management (Food and Beverage), Operational Management (Accommodation), Operational Management (Tourism), Hygiene and Food Safety , Labor legislation, Promotion, Marketing and Sales, Occupational Safety and Creative Solutions to Support Sustainability.

Companies will be able to access this program on the Turismo de Portugal portals “Business"and "Schools”, filling out the form Online Support | Tourism Companies or through the email address schoolsonline@turismodeportugal.pt​.​

As for the Lines of Support and Financing for the Economy created within the scope of Covid-19, tourism companies can also find all the clarifications on the Portal do Turismo de Portugal, by clicking here.


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