Two hotels, a pavilion and the old hospital welcome Population Support Zones in Lagoa

FATACIL Park may also serve as a place to host operational reinforcement means

Lagoa Hotel, Riverside Hotel, Sports Pavilion of the EB23 Jacinto Correia School and the deactivated Lar Santa Isabel (former hospital). These are the four structures in the municipality of Lagoa that will receive the Population Support Zones (ZAP) prepared to provide immediate response to emergency situations within the scope of mitigating the Covid-19 pandemic, announced the Lagoon City Council.

The Municipality of Lagoa and the Municipal Civil Protection making a «statement of the situation», recall that, in this municipality, until yesterday, there were «4 infected, 2 deaths, and 11 days without registration of any new case».

As for the ZAP, one of them will work at Lagoa Hotel and has 44 completely independent rooms. It is intended for the «prophylactic isolation of healthy people, namely health professionals, security forces, firefighters, civil protection, municipal workers, who are responsible for ensuring essential public services».

The same ZAP will also welcome “other people from the municipality in need of isolation, whose own housing does not meet the minimum conditions for this purpose, or people who live alone without any back-up support”.

The second ZAP assumes the role of Social Reserve and will operate at the Riverside Hotel, with 130 rooms. It should receive people from Residential Structures for the Elderly (ERPI/Lares) or others in the municipality of Lagoa.



The third and fourth ZAP will operate, respectively, in the Sports Pavilion of the EB23 Jacinto Correia School and in the deactivated Lar Santa Isabel (former hospital in Lagoa).

«They are reserved for the entire population with a confirmed Covid-19 diagnosis, as long as they are sick and complying with treatment», explains the Lagoa Council.

These two units, due to their specificities in the context of public health, are still in the technical operationalization phase that precedes their validation.

The validation of these ZAPs is the responsibility of the Lagoa Health Delegate, with whom the Municipality is in permanent articulation.

Also within the scope of the mitigation phase of this pandemic and the close cooperation with the local health service, the municipality provided two more vehicles to support the monitoring of patients in the municipality, thus making a fleet of three light vehicles available for that purpose.

The Lagoa Municipal Medical Center was also transferred for the exclusive use of the Covid-19 Regional Test Collection Plan.

On the other hand, in the event of an epidemic emergency, the Municipal Fairs and Exhibitions Park (aka FATACIL) was also made available, as a place for receiving means of operational reinforcement.

The Municipality of Lagoa and the Civil Protection Service reiterate their appeals “for the municipality's community to comply with the rules of confinement and hygiene, as the only way to avoid contagion. Therefore, travel outside the dwellings must be minimal and strictly necessary for the acquisition of essential goods and services».