Covid-19: Monchique creates psychosocial helpline

Line is intended for the entire population

A free psychosocial support line, aimed at families, the elderly and isolated people in Monchique, was launched today by the City Council.

Interested parties can access this service by calling 800 500 344 or via email

This line "will be an important instrument in strengthening the perception of social support by the Monchique community, thus contributing to greater resilience in the current situation" and aims to ensure that there is "a friendly voice and support for everyone who meets more isolated or feel more alone or vulnerable».

According to the Municipality of Monchique, one of the main objectives of this new service is “to provide psychosocial support to individuals and families, in order to minimize the negative impact of the current public health problem in daily life, facilitating information and a psychological sense of security”.

On the other hand, it is intended to «inform families about the support and resources available in the municipality, promoting their connection to the social support network».

"In this context, the psychosocial support line is a tool that contributes to combating the vulnerabilities associated with social isolation, as well as to facilitate the mobilization of personal strategies that prevent or minimize the acute reactions of stress expected in this type of context of uncertainty and fear, through health literacy”, summarized the municipality.

This line is the result of the partnership between the Municipality of Monchique and Vicentina – Association for the Development of the Southwest, «which has already given shape, for many years, to the Support Center for the Family and Community of Monchique».

The children supported by this project, "are still being monitored at home at this time, either by telephone or over the internet".

The team of the new support line is made up of psychologists and other technicians with specialized training and “may also be used to disseminate information and clarify the population on issues related to employment, health, as well as other existing support, either in the municipality or at the initiative of the Government or other entities”.