Covid-19: Algarve has 295 cases, Alentejo 155, there are 18091 across the country

Data from the DGS epidemiological bulletin this Wednesday, April 15st

The Algarve has 295 cases of Covid-19, while Alentejo registers the same 155 as yesterday. Across the country, the number is 18091 confirmed cases and 599 deaths, according to today's data from the epidemiological bulletin of the General Directorate of Health (DGS), which has just been released.

Compared to yesterday's numbers, the Algarve has 6 more infections, from 289 to 295.

The number of deaths remains the same in the Algarve (9). As for deaths, there are none to lament in the Alentejo region.

Nationally, the figures rose from 567 to 599 deaths (32 more). The North is the region with the most deaths recorded (339), followed by the Center (139), Lisbon and Vale do Tejo (111), Algarve (9, the same as yesterday) and Azores (4, the same as yesterday).

Today's data indicates that there are also 36 more people recovered across the country, the total number having gone from 347 yesterday to 383 today.


The regional distribution of cases is as follows: North (10.751), Lisbon and Vale do Tejo (4102), Center (2629), Algarve (295), Alentejo (155), Azores (100) and Madeira (59). These last three regions do not register, according to the DGS bulletin, new cases compared to yesterday.

According to the DGS, there are 1200 inpatients (27 fewer than yesterday), 208 of which are in intensive care (10 fewer).

Currently, 4060 are awaiting laboratory results, while another 26144 are in surveillance contact with the health authorities.

Since January 1st, the number of suspected cases has now surpassed 150 (150804), but 128653 of these have not been confirmed.







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