Chef Guy Doré takes home vacuum-packed gourmet food

Vacuum packaging considerably extends the shelf life

Chef Guy Doré, from G's Bistro restaurant, in Loulé, started a take-away service and home delivery of vacuum-packed, ready-to-eat food.

At a time when restaurants are closed due to restrictions imposed by the pandemic, the chef refused to stand still and launched a service that promises to bring food made with high quality products home to customers.

“I want to continue to exist, for me and for my clients. The heart rules, the head does the math, but not stopped”, stresses the chef, with 30 years of experience in the kitchen and who two years ago decided to reopen his restaurant inspired by French bistros in the MAR Shopping Algarve shopping center in Loulé, in scope of the Algarve Chef Experience project.

Pre-cooked and vacuum-sealed meals are ready to eat, just put the bag in which the meal is packed in boiling water for 5 minutes, he explains. Although they can also be made in the microwave, the chef prefers to use water, as that way he manages to keep “95% of the quality” of the original product.

“The technique is not new and it is very simple. It is not necessary to take a cooking course”, he says, noting that it is a “healthier, more practical and ecological” way of consuming food. The main challenge is really “trying to find an elegant presentation” for the dish.

Vacuum packaging considerably extends the shelf life, as it is a technique that, without resorting to preservatives, manages to keep the flavor, aroma, color and nutritional qualities of food unaltered for longer.

On the menu available for this service you can find chili with meat, chicken strips with cream and mushroom sauce, duck leg confit with sweet potato and pumpkin, salmon loin or dishes with a French touch, such as French garlic fondue with cream and white wine or sea bass fillet with ratatouille. There is also a variety of side dishes and drinks, including a craft beer from Loulé, champagne, Algarve and French wines.

Orders must be placed through the number 93 42 42 717 and can be delivered to your home, between 16:00 pm and 18:00 pm, with an additional fee of 3 euros, or collected at MAR Shopping, between 12:00 pm and 16:00 pm.