Câmara de Lagos and Santa Casa da Misericórdia sign an agreement to raise and manage donations

Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lagos opened a bank account to receive all donations

The Municipality of Lagos and Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lagos signed a collaboration agreement to raise and manage funds for the purchase of protective equipment «for all those who are in the first line of providing support to populations, establishments and professionals, namely hospitals in the region, health centre, security forces, IPSS, Red Cross and Fire Brigade”, announced today the municipality.

This collaboration agreement, he explained, comes “following the various manifestations of solidarity and availability for financial collaboration on the part of individuals and companies, within the scope of the declaration of pandemic by Covid-19 and also due to the urgent need to guarantee access to protective equipment to all those who are on the front line, in providing support to the populations».

Santa Casa da Misericórdia de Lagos has opened a bank account to which all donations made by individuals or companies will be channeled, which may do so under social patronage.

The autarchy undertakes to «direct to Santa Casa da Misericórdia, all entities or individuals to demonstrate their intention to collaborate financially with a view to the acquisition of protection material».

It is also the responsibility of the City Council, depending on the identified needs, to indicate the entities to benefit from support at any given time.

Individuals or companies wishing to make any donation must do so by bank transfer to IBAN – PT50.0018.0003521009550.20 (Banco Santander Totta).

In order to issue the receipt for the donation, proof of transfer must be sent to the emails gap@cm-lagos.pt or contato@scmlagos.com .