Puracura band “Vira o Virus” to give good energy to the Portuguese

Music intends to be a «tonic of positivism and energy»


This Sunday, the Algarve's Puracura launched the song “Vira o Vírus”, a «tonic of positivism and energy» in the common struggle against Covid-19 and an Easter gift from the band to the Portuguese.

This Vira à algarvia «transports us from the present to the near future, where we have our lives again. And we celebrate for that!”, summarize the Puracura.

In this work, the three members of the group, musicians João Beles (vocals and guitar), João Miau (bass, guitar and vocals) and Nuno Murta (drums, percussion and voice), were joined by «a great friend, Paulo Machado , which with its magical accordion made the music even more festive».

"Let yourself be infected by our energy and share it throughout the world", the Puracuras urge.