Albufeira continues public works without forgetting contingency plans

The mayor of Albufeira has followed the development of all interventions

Renovation of roads and paths and remodeling of the water supply network, some of which are an integral part of the Albufeira Drainage Plan. These are some of the interventions that continue to take place for a while in this Algarve municipality, respecting contingency plans due to Covid-19.

The interventions currently taking place in the municipality of Albufeira are: remodeling of Rua 5 de Outubro – 2nd phase, paving of Caminho da Aldeia and section of Caminho da Escola (Vale de Santa Maria), construction of wastewater collectors and construction of the pumping station from Praça dos Pescadores and associated infrastructure, on Rua Cândido dos Reis.

Respect for the contingency plans, «presented by the respective companies, is a fundamental condition for the continuation of the work», emphasizes the City Council of Albufeira.

Once the necessary safety conditions are guaranteed, the objective is to guarantee that the indispensable interventions scheduled for Albufeira proceed at «as normal a pace as possible».

For José Carlos Rolo, «respecting the required standards, it is important that we have conditions to ensure that the council does not stop at all and that the time windows we open for these interventions are respected».

The mayor of Albufeira has followed the development of all interventions, coordinating the development of the work with the services and respective companies.