May 1st can be celebrated, but with "appropriate detachment"

Decree of the President of the Republic makes reference to the Labor Day celebrations

The Minister of Internal Affairs said today that the 1st of May can be celebrated but with “the adequate distance”, lacking the health authorities to give the necessary indications.

"The 1st of May can be celebrated, but with the appropriate distance", said Eduardo Cabrita, at a press conference after the meeting of the Council of Ministers, in which the decree that regulates the extension of the state was approved electronically. of emergency.

The minister added that he is awaiting the recommendations of the General Directorate of Health (DGS) on the requirements of social distancing that must be taken into account in the celebrations of the 1st of May, Labor Day.

Eduardo Cabrita also said that, next week, the security forces and the Ministry of Internal Administration will get in touch with the trade union centrals on the best way to carry out the 1st of May celebrations.

Also present at the press conference, the Minister of State and Presidency, Mariana Vieira da Silva, said that "this is not about demonstrations, but about organizing official celebrations", as long as they follow the rules of social distancing and that it has to be talks with the DGS and with the security forces.

«In relation to the 1st of May, what the Government is doing in this matter is to implement the decree of the President of the Republic, which makes an express reference to the Labor Day celebrations», explained the Minister of Internal Administration.

The way in which the Government interpreted this mandate, according to the government official, is that "these official celebrations must be compatible with respect for the determinations of social distancing established by the General Directorate of Health and will be articulated with the security forces."

“The security forces have an exemplary experience of relating to union centrals in organizing events of a union nature. I am sure that, this time too, this dialogue with the trade union centrals will take place in this way», praised Eduardo Cabrita.