Do you need vegetables and fruits? There are producers who take them to you

In Loco brings together those responsible for various programs to promote local production and consumption and reveals a list of producers who deliver baskets of agri-food products

Do you want fresh fruits and vegetables, straight from the garden? Then you can buy them from local producers in the Algarve (and beyond) that they take them to your doorstep or hand-deliver them to a central location.

The In Loco association mobilized the teams of the Leader-DLBC, Prove, 100% Local and Prato Certo projects, all of them from this local development association, to «bring together and make available to people and organizations all the contacts of its national producer exchange, baskets and markets”, in which it intends to be a response to the limitations caused by the fight against the Covid-19 epidemic.

On the way, the association «contacted several producers in the Algarve with availability for direct sale to the public or delivery of agri-food baskets in certain places in the Algarve's municipalities. This is about helping to facilitate access to small production, offering an alternative to buying vegetables in supermarkets», illustrated In Loco (see which ones in the list below).

Those who do not live in the Algarve can also find information about producersOn baskets is about markets throughout the country, in the O Prato Certo project database of the Algarve association.

“The situation of Pandemic experienced due to Covid-19 and the recently decreed State of Emergency, forced a change in the daily lives of populations, with implications at various levels. With the closure or limitation of hours of commerce, markets and fairs, many agricultural producers in the region found themselves faced with the need to sell their production», framed the association.

"On the other hand, the need for social isolation and individual protection for the purpose of containing the spread of the virus, limited citizens' freedom of movement and changed the conditions of access to products and services," he added.



This led In Loco to launch this initiative, which in the Algarve has «the support and direct mobilization of producers in the region and involves two actions to promote short food circuits».

First, the “reactivation of the distribution of agricultural baskets. They are now being sold in Albufeira, Olhão, Portimão, Lagos, São Brás de Alportel and Silves. Consumers can buy small or large baskets of seasonal or organic products for amounts ranging from 6 to 20 euros».

On the other hand, there will be the «disclosure of a producer exchange in the center of the Algarve. To reinforce the response of the baskets, extending it to other municipalities, contacts of producers in Albufeira are being made available, Faro, Loulé, São Brás de Alportel and Tavira, so that the consumer can buy vegetables and fruits from the farmer, without intermediaries».


Agricultural Baskets in the Algarve:

In São Brás de Alportel:

Season basket: Small [4-5 kg] – 6,00€ | Large [8-9 kg] – €12,00

Contact: Cláudia Barros (961 462 004 | [email protected])

Delivery: Wednesday, 4pm-17pm (in the village, next to the In Loco Association)


In Albufeira and Silves:

100% bio hamper: Small [4-5 kg] – €15,00 | Large [8-9 KG] – €20,00

Contact: Carla Dias (through the page

Delivery: Thursday, 5 pm, Albufeira (in town, MFA 16 car park)

Friday, 6 pm, Silves (at the Horta da Torre farm)


In Olhão:

Basket of the Season: Small [4-5 kg] – 6,00€ | Large [8-9 kg] – €12,00

Contact: Agricultural Cooperative Esperança de Moncarapacho (919 224 672)

Delivery: Thursday, 5pm-15pm (at Cooperativa Agrícola Esperança de Moncarapacho)
Available for deliveries in Quelfes and Olhão.


In Lagos and Portimão:

100% bio hamper: Small [4-5 kg] – €15,00 | Large [8-9 KG] – €20,00

Contact: Fatima Torres (916 704 894)

Delivery: Wednesday, 4 pm, Portimão (at a place to be arranged with the person in charge)

Thursdays and Fridays, Lagos (at a place and time to be scheduled with the person in charge)


Local Producers in the Algarve:

Deliveries in the municipality of Loulé:

Seasonal products:
Carlos Faísca, from Querença (918 732 723)
Telma Martins, from Salir (918 229 216)
João Cabrita, from Alte (919 445 816)
Maria Clara Pires, from Quarteira and Tôr (961 361 253)
Luis Coelho, from Salir ([email protected])

Biological products:
Dora Lopes, from Loulé (965 830 006)
Paula Pedro, from Moncarapacho (919 014 522)


Deliveries in the municipality of Faro:

Seasonal products:
Nuno and João Gonçalves, from Faro (914 705 898)


Deliveries in the municipality of Tavira:

Seasonal products:
Patrícia Dores, from Vila Real de Sto. António (964 993 789)
Linda Sebastião da Saúde – Horta Fresca, from Tavira (965 586 623)

Biological products:
Maria Flaminga, from Tavira (912 861 246)
Ângela Rosa, Organic Shanti, from Conceição de Tavira, (969 374 328) email: [email protected]


Deliveries in the municipality of Albufeira:

Seasonal products:
Dina Guerreiro and Luis, from Paderne (967 598 042 | [email protected])
José Aleluia, from Albufeira (961 410 823 – only delivered to the Mercado dos Caliços, in Albufeira)

Biological products:
Carlos Cabrita, from Paderne (912 246 868 | [email protected])


Deliveries in the municipality of São Brás de Alportel:

Seasonal products:
Andrea Martins (964 333 279)
Angela Martins (968 983 892)

Biological Products:
Paulo Belchior (914 440 065 | [email protected])

In Loco “is only a facilitator in this process, with the management of production available and orders to be carried out by the participating producers and producers”.


Photos: In Loco Association

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