The cleaning and disinfection campaign has already started in the municipality of Lagoa

"A duly certified biocidal product is being used for disinfection of public space"

The special cleaning and disinfection campaign for public spaces in the municipality of Lagoa began this Monday, the 23rd, and should continue «for at least the next month», announced the City Council.

The operation is being carried out with «a biocidal product duly certified for disinfection of public spaces, which has already started to be applied».

The autarchy explains that it is "a wide-spectrum, ecological and guaranteed efficiency disinfectant, which follows the recommendations of the General Directorate of Health for the prevention of contagion and dissemination of Covid-19".

This special cleaning and disinfection campaign in the municipality's public space will take place above all in «places for depositing waste, and respective user contact areas, such as handles and lids, in order to minimize the risk of potential sources of contamination».

“Other equipment and public spaces, such as streets and some urban furniture” will also be cleaned and disinfected.



The costs of this product and associated application services are situated at 18.400 euros, adds the Chamber.

To this contracted service, the Municipality of Lagoa «is adding other resources under its responsibility, and also some possible means kindly made available for this purpose, by a businessman residing in the municipality».

"The purchase of this disinfectant and spraying equipment was decided in accordance with the guidelines and recommendations for the management of waste in a Covid-19 pandemic situation, issued by the competent authorities, within the scope of the state of National Emergency decreed in our country", explains further.

The president of the Chamber Luís Encarnação admits, however, the possibility of «prolonging the period foreseen for the application of this product, which brings together the characteristics of virucidal, bactericide and fungicide, if this need arises».