Faro finished requalification of roads in Areal Gordo

Within the Faro Requalify

The Chamber of Faro concluded the rehabilitation and repaving of the road that links the city to Areal Gordo and the municipal path that connects this area of ​​the county to the EN125 roundabout, next to the Tintol restaurant. Together, the works cost the municipality around half a million euros.

Both interventions "aimed at the rehabilitation of the road pavement and the execution of concrete ditches for water drainage, the execution of speed-reducing humps and punctual paving of the shoulders, in order to facilitate the movement of pedestrians, in addition to vertical and horizontal signage and respective treadmills'.

In the case of Estrada Municipal 522, known as Estrada do Areal Gordo, the intervention took place «between the city and the aerial bridge over the EN 125 (Rio Seco) and between the end of this and the limit of the municipality».

In this work, awarded to the José de Sousa Barra & Filhos Society, around 302 thousand euros were spent.
It was also the company José de Sousa Barra & Filhos that undertook the repaving work of the CM 1320, “which starts next to the “Tintol” restaurant». In this case, the work cost 209 thousand euros.

These works carried out under the Faro Requailifica, a municipal program that, among other interventions, encompasses the «requalification of the entire road network in the municipality, in particular the connections to the designated rural parishes».


Photos: camera of Faro