Cortelha invites you to take a walk to the medronho distilleries

At the end there will be a mountain lunch

A walking tour, which includes visits to medronho distilleries, will take place on the 14th of March, from 9:30 am, as part of another Aguardente e Mel Fair, in Cortelha (Loulé). 

In addition to providing a visit to the distilleries, participants will be able to appreciate the landscapes that Serra do Caldeirão offers at this time of year, with a route of about 11 kilometers and starting at 9:30 am. However, you will need to confirm your registration from 8:30am.

At the end there will be a mountain lunch, in the middle of the Aguardente e Mel Fair.

The organization will also provide constant support to participants, with the distribution of water, fruit and cakes.

After the participants enjoy lunch, they will be able to visit the various producers and artisans present in the fairgrounds, as well as listen to the sounds of traditional music with the great animation that will pass on the stage.

Entries can be made to the e-mail [email protected].