With or without 365Algarve, the region will have 1,5 million for low season crops

Guarantee is given by João Fernandes, president of RTA

Photo: João Mariano | till the sea

A new model can even be created and the name changed, but it is already certain that «the 1,5 million euros that have been allocated to the 365Algarve will continue to be channeled to the region, for investment in a program that will take place between October and May», guaranteed João Fernandes, president of the Algarve Tourism Region, in exclusive statements to Sul Informação and to Rádio Universitária do Algarve RUA FM.

«The information I have at the moment – ​​and I have been in constant contact with the Secretary of State for Tourism – is that there will be a new investment cycle, although the design of the program may evolve», revealed the head of Algarve Tourism .

Although it is already certain that the Algarve region will not lose the 1,5 million euros that the Ministry of Economy has been investing in the Algarve, with the aim of alleviating seasonality, the continuity of the 365Algarve program is still under evaluation.

“It is natural that after four years there is an analysis of the results and that it is reconsidered. That's what has been done. The opinion of a very large number of stakeholderif, at this moment, the Secretariat of State is appraising this information and analyzing it», explained João Fernandes.

Without being certain about the model that will be followed in the future, the president of RTA does not hide that, in his perspective, "it would be important to keep the name 365Algarve".



However, it is not surprising that there are changes. “The program has improved every year. We had a process of continuous improvement: we planned, developed, verified and acted on what we considered to be in need of improvement».

Thus, after a first edition in which there was no regulation, a set of guidelines and rules was created from the second 365Algarve, which were updated in the two following editions.

However, the uncertainty surrounding the continuity of “365Algarve” and the fact that «the foreseeable date for the possible opening of the 365 Algarve cultural program, if compared to the previous year» has already passed, led to DeVIR/CAPa – Center for Performing Arts of the Algarve to launch a undersignedo against the «disinvestment in the culture of the Algarve».

In this document, the signatories defend that «investment in culture is not an expense» and that «any disinvestment in the fragile cultural sector of the Algarve by tourism is not acceptable».

“We cannot allow the backlash. We have the right to claim part of what we produce with tourism», reads in the undersigned, which will be sent to the Secretaries of State for Tourism and Culture, so that they have «opportunity to know and be confronted with the opinion of a group of citizens, who know the terrain, live and visit the Algarve».

«As you will understand, this was a work that married, from the beginning, two secretaries of State, in a very fruitful process. At this moment, we have to wait for the result of the analysis that is being carried out», reinforced João Fernandes.

What is certain is that the off-season period “has been performing very well with the successive effects of attenuation of seasonality, which are measurable. This is not exclusively due, of course, to the contribution given by 365Algarve, there is a vast investment in the reinforcement of routes and in the promotion of the destination, which has been generating this demand».