Algarve Biomedial Center cooperates with Saúde to reinforce the SNS24 line

More 125 nurses enter the service of the SNS24 line, which is now free of charge

The Algarve Biomedial Center (ABC) will cooperate, from this weekend, with the Ministry of Health to strengthen the SNS24 line, the Assistant Secretary of State and Health has just announced at a press conference.

«In partnership with Centro ABC, a new call center, with more than 100 nurses, to come into operation this weekend», announced Jamila Madeira.

ABC is an Academic Center for Research and Biomedical Training, which results from a consortium between the University Hospital Center of Algarve and the University of Algarve, created in 2016.

The Secretary of State also announced that after the "necessary training", "a further 125 nurses" will enter the service of the SNS24 line, which has been being improved.

Thus, «during this week an algorithm was created», which «allowed to streamline the response system», going from «200 simultaneous calls to 500 simultaneous calls, and today to 1200 simultaneous calls. We are working to reach 2000 simultaneous calls».

Another good news revealed by Secretary of State Jamila Madeira is that, after according to all operators, calls to the SNS24 line will be "free" for as long as this situation of the Covid-19 pandemic lasts.

In addition, "in articulation with the Ministry of Finance", the entities were reinforced with the financial means for acquisitions that are necessary to face the pandemic.

On the other hand, Jamila Madeira announced, there is more disinfectant and personal protection material purchased and to be delivered to health professionals and institutions.

Finally, the official added that, together with the Orders of Doctors, Nurses, Pharmacists and Psychologists, "solutions to improve the response capacity" of the SNS24 and "alleviate the demand" are being studied.

In turn, the general director of Health, present at the same press conference, once again reinforced the need for people to comply with the recommendations: «now we ask all Portuguese people to change their routine for a limited period. , of their day to day, in order to minimize contact with other people». "THEs people should not leave the school household to go to an alternative household,” he said.

Announcing that there is one more person cured in Portugal, among those who were hospitalized, Graça Freitas also revealed that «there is a very important factor that is already being put into practice. The convalescence of these patients is often very long. You already know that, is one thing that distinguishes this from other infectious diseases. This convalescence can be done, in part, at home, with clinical follow-up».

"There is a group of people who are working to, in the next few hours, see what is the best model for treating inpatients," he added.