Youth Basketball Party 2020 in Albufeira canceled

Federation recognizes the work of athletes, coaches, judges, managers, sponsors, volunteers, supporters

The Youth Basketball Party, which was supposed to take place between the 2nd and 7th of April, in Albufeira, was canceled after a meeting between the Portuguese Basketball Federation and the Municipality of this Algarve city.

At the meeting, the entities involved "recognized the difficult context that the country is going through for the organization of sporting or other events that mobilize a large number of people."

In a statement, the Federation emphasizes that the Youth Basketball Festival is "the main organization of national Basketball and mobilizes thousands of people, including athletes, volunteers, judges, coaches, leaders, family members and supporters." Therefore, the Federation and Municipality of Albufeira considered the facts and considered the «risks associated with this organization».

The Federation leaves "a special word of recognition to all athletes, coaches, judges, directors, sponsors, volunteers, supporters who have been working in the expectation of being present at the Party."

"We know that this cancellation can be a disappointment, but we also know that everyone will understand that this is the most appropriate measure given the current social context and the most recent recommendations from health authorities," adds the FPB.

The Portuguese Basketball Federation, together with the District Associations of the sport, announces that it will now “analyze the possibility of holding “Inter-District Teams” for this year, with another alternative competitive model, which may allow the promotion of Basketball and meeting the ambitions of all practitioners and lovers of our sport, as long as conditions exist that allow for it».

The FPB ends by stressing that «the decision that has now been taken did not harm the excellent relations between the Federation and the Albufeira municipality, with the two entities committed to continuing the partnership, which with undeniable success has lasted for nine years».