APSI alert: watch out for accidents with children at home

Social distancing confines families to the house where they live

The APSI – Association for the Promotion of Child Safety warned today about the prevention of domestic accidents with children that could increase as a result of the social isolation justified by covid-19.

In a statement, APSI stresses that social isolation, which confines families to the house where they live, and the curiosity of children, “always thirsty for new challenges and stored energy'”, can increase the possibility of domestic accidents.

On the other hand, APSI emphasizes that adults are overwhelmed with tasks between study support, housework and telework and, therefore, with a different attention.

The association highlights news released recently that report an 18-month-old baby who fell from a balcony, in Viana do Castelo, from a child, in Setúbal, who shot another 10-year-old child with a firearm and a boy. six years old and his mother who suffered injuries due to a gas leak in Fuseta (Olhão, in the district of Faro).

"Therefore, and because at this moment what we most want to avoid is having to resort to emergency services", APSI recommends that families with children up to four or five years old ensure that all windows and doors to access balconies have a opening limiter that does not open more than nine centimeters.

It also advises that adults do not leave furniture, chairs or toys on the balcony or under windows, as children may use them to climb and lean over.

Do not carry soup or other hot liquids with children around, store all cleaning products in high, locked cabinets, and pour water from buckets after cleaning the house are other recommendations from APSI.

As for older children and adolescents, APSI recommends care to light matches, to cut food with the blade away from the fingers, to use appliances with very dry hands, always place the non-slip mat in the bathtub and not overload the electrical plugs with various electronic devices.