University of the Algarve opened its doors to nearly three thousand primary and secondary students

Students learned about the offer of the University of Algarve

To be able to choose it is necessary to know and to find answers it is necessary to ask questions. It was in this sense that nearly 3 participants responded to the challenge and visited the University of Algarve, on February 20, for another edition of the open day.

How important is the Open Day? What do students think about this initiative? Can this day help you in future decisions? To help clarify these and other doubts and answer several questions, UAlg organized more than a hundred activities to receive students from primary and secondary schools, which took place throughout the day, on Campus de Gambelas and Campus da Penha .

Visitors experienced a real journey into the world of research, through the various areas of study at UAlg. All activities were designed to challenge and challenge the knowledge of young people, stimulating their critical sense, the assimilation of new concepts or the structuring of subjects already covered in the classroom, through the various subjects that make up the Basic Education curricula and Secondary in Portugal.

Bruno Silva, who is attending the 12th year of the Cooking and Pastry course at the Basic and Secondary School of Albufeira, was determined not to go to university. However, “after this experience, which so far has been quite interesting, I am reconsidering my decision”. He argues that «this initiative may help some students to choose the course, students who, like me, may have doubts about Higher Education». However, he concludes, "after experiencing this open day, new horizons open up."

From the Secondary School of Vila Real de Santo António came Lily Delaissé and several colleagues who attend the 12th grade. They consider that the initiative helps to clarify doubts and open up horizons, contributing to a better final choice. «For me it is very important, as it makes students aware of the degrees they can choose», acknowledged the student.

Filipa Barata attends the 10th grade at Escola Secundária João de Deus. Even though she is from Faro, the student considers that the open day is a very important initiative because it allows visitors to get to know the University and the surrounding courses. «I visited the Communication Sciences course and participated in the workshop as an information pivot and radio announcer. I also visited the Communication Design course where I got to know the projects developed to date». Asked if this day would influence her decision to enter Higher Education, the student said: "at this moment she would choose the Communication Sciences course".

Margarida de Aroeira came from the Secondary School of Silves. He really liked getting to know the training offer of the Superior Professional Technical Courses (TeSP). «After watching the presentations from the Tourism and Hospitality areas, I was clarified in relation to the course I intend to follow in Higher Education», he explained. For the student, «the open day is an excellent way to interact with visitors and to make known what the University develops», concluding that, after her time at UAlg, she leaves «with a clearer idea about the future» .

João Sousa, from Escola Secundária de Loulé, also believes that these initiatives are important, both for students in Vocational Education and for those in the Scientific-Humanistic areas. "In my case, it helps me decide whether to go to university or start working."

Organized by the Sports Office of the Academic Association of UAlg, several sports activities took place simultaneously. Always looking to meet the interests of students, this year UAlg presented a new activity, guided by the Psychology Department, developing, in an auditorium, a group dynamic in the educational area, which had a great adhesion and acceptance by the students.

UAlg highlights that this event «has been growing from year to year, requires a great organization and a strong mobilization of the Academy, without forgetting the volunteer work of UAlg students, who greatly contribute to the success of this Open Day».