“Tu Baralhas-me” helps young people to decide the future at UAlg's Open Day

open day runs today

The question served as a motto: "who here feels very confused?". In the audience, dozens of young hands raised shyly. «It doesn't matter! Don't worry because we are here to help». This is the objective of another Open Day that is, this Thursday, February 20, bringing together thousands of students at the University of Algarve (UAlg). 

This dialogue took place today, early this morning, in one of the activities with the greatest impact of this edition of the Open Day. We are talking about “Tu Baralhas-me”, a workshop with a name that sticks in your ear and aimed at 9th, 10th, 11th and 12th grade students.

The goal? Helping young people to get to know themselves so that they can better choose the career path they want.



«One of the great difficulties that students face – and this is frequent, but it does not have to be negative – is related to the questioning about the future», says Sérgio Vieira, director of the Psychology Service at UAlg, to the Sul Informação. 

On stage, Suzi Rodrigues and Micaela Estreia explained to the students the importance of reflecting, in a thoughtful way, about the direction each one wants to take. In the audience, attentive, about 60 students from Faro and Vila Real de Santo António were listening.

“It is normal that there are difficulties, but there are people to help you. The decision of a course involves a deep reflection», said Suzi Rodrigues, one of the junior psychologists of the Psychology Service at UAlg.

To help, during the workshop, six major areas of interest were pointed out: conventional, social, artistic, realist, entrepreneurship and research. In addition to sending a cell phone message to three contacts of their choice saying that they were participating in this workshop, each student was challenged to choose the area with which they most identify.

"And can't we have more than one?" asked a student. "It's an important question, without a doubt," replied junior psychologist Suzi promptly.



“We are not just one type. Let's go drink a little to many sides, and when we are thinking about possible courses, we have to adjust. Therefore, we are not here to categorize you either, but to guide you», he explained.

This is, in the end, the purpose of the entire UAlg Open Day.

«Here there was a concern that was to reflect on their interests, but without leaving with a title. Hence the large scope and to involve the challenge to third parties, sending the message, so that, later, they can even reflect outside this initiative», considered, in turn, Sérgio Vieira.

Until the end of today, only this workshop it expects to receive around 300 students from different schools in the Algarve – from Barlavento to Sotavento – and even from Baixo Alentejo, such as Almodôvar.

And, taking into account the general opinion at the end of the first session, the Sul Informação watched, the contentment is widespread, with the large part considering that the initiative was useful.

The Open Day's general program includes more than a hundred activities distributed by the two fields (Penha and Gambelas), where guided visits to departments and laboratories, lectures and various cultural and sporting initiatives will take place.


Photos: Pedro Lemos | Sul Informação