Vale de Lobo workers demand salary increase refused by management

Union proposed an increase of 90 euros per month

The workers of Vale de Lobo will make a petition demanding "the necessary and urgent salary increase", after the administration of this tourist development located in the municipality of Loulé has announced that it will not proceed with any increase in remuneration, in 2020.

According to the Union of Workers in the Hotel, Tourism, Restaurant and Similar Industry of the Algarve, the administration of Vale de Lobo informed, in a meeting it held with union members, that "it has not foreseen any general increase in salaries for 2020".

This is despite the fact that some of the workers have not seen their salary updated “for more than 13 years”.

The Algarve Hotelaria Union says that, in 2019, «the administration said that it was “tidying up the house” and that by 2020 they would already be in a position to talk about salary increases».

However, at the meeting held with workers' representatives, the administrators of Vale de Lobo did not want to discuss the union's proposal, which pointed to an increase of 90 euros a month, and did not present "any counterproposal".

Taking this into account, «the workers decided, in plenary, to proceed to a petition to demand the necessary and urgent wage increase, under penalty of continuing to impoverish, at a time when tourism continues to beat records in all indicators, with particular emphasis on income, which continues to grow above all other indicators».

"Furthermore, golf and real estate, two other areas of the enterprise's business, also continue to record positive performance, with no acceptable justification for workers' salaries to continue without being updated for another year," adds the union.

«The Union of Hotelaria do Algarve draws attention to the growing inequalities in the sector, due to employers' blocking of updating salaries, and urges workers to organize themselves in the workplace to force employers to improve wages and rights », concludes.